Second Quarter: International Noise Awareness Day

A traditionally noisy city, Manila has long been known to be a place for music lovers and music makers alike. Though this has served as the charm of Manila, responsible music listening and making should be practiced to prevent any hearing loss secondary to it.

Through this Program, communities will be encouraged to sound off on noise and be vigilant with industries and even households producing them. Through press conferences and releases, tri-media outfits will be encouraged to promote health hearing in their shows and articles. Information kiosks shall also be placed in different areas frequented by people like malls, parks, and schools to distribute information materials on the hazards of noise exposure.

During the celebration, free hearing screening will be organized enjoining centers around the country to participate in the event.

Third Quarter: National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week

Organized by the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons, BHPI shall provide Free Ear and Hearing to both government and non-government organizations as requested by NCWDP.

Fourth Quarter: Deaf Awareness Week

Spearheaded by Dr. Norberto Martinez, the Metro Manila Federation of Agencies for the Deaf shall organize fun activities, free services and forums for teachers during the week long event promoting deaf awareness in the Philippines.




Having developed the manpower source within the local health units through the capability building component, they will be in charge of promoting proper ear and hearing hygiene and increasing awareness on the management and rehabilitation of ear disorder and hearing impairment in the communities. Each local health unit are given the chance to plan out the most effective campaign in disseminating information to their community. In support of these community awareness projects, Better Hearing Philippines, Inc. provides IEC materials which local agencies can adapt to their native language.


Corollary to the Vision, Mission, and Goal of the National Ear and Hearing Health Care Plan, the Social Mobilization Program seeks:

  • To promote awareness on the different ear and hearing disorders

  • To improve knowledge of individuals on the prevention, management, and habilitation of ear disorder and hearing impairment

  • To develop positive attitude through knowledge of basic skills on the prevention, management and habilitation of ear disorders and hearing impairment.


Putting priority to health promotion, Better Hearing Philippines, Inc. has been implementing awareness activities targeting specific population at risk of having hearing impairment.

An important component of the National Ear and Hearing Health Program, ear and hearing health promotion is at the forefront of the EARS Caravan. Utilizing the latest in tools in tri-media and information technology, BHPI will strategically distribute and evaluate its awareness campaigns amongst its target population.

Quarterly Ear and Hearing Celebration

In further strengthening the campaign on Prevention of Deafness and Hearing Impairment, a major activity shall be calendared every quarter of the year.

First Quarter: National Ear Care Day

The National Ear Care Day shall be held in cooperation with the Philippine Society of Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery to promote ear hygiene to prevent impacted cerumen and otitis media. It will be celebrated during the last week of January.

Free hearing evaluation shall be provided at the UST Center for Audiological Sciences during the celebration.


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