Members of the Board of Trustees

Norberto Martinez, M.D.
Chairman of the Board and Executive Director

Joel Romualdez, M.D.
Corporate Secretary

Ma. Cristina Lopez, M.D.

Edwin Cosalan, M.D.

Florentino Solon, M.D.

Florante Trinidad, M.D.

Leticia Bertumen

Yolanda Quijano, Ed.D.

Loida Ignacio



In 1999 Better Hearing Philippines, Inc. (BHPI) formerly called Task Force on the Prevention of Hearing Loss was founded by a select group of individuals representing, almost all, important government and non-government agencies in support of the hearing impaired community. A non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization, BHPI commited itself to assisting the Government in the prevention of hearing loss, primary health care based control of hearing impairment and community-based improvement in the quality of life for hearing impaired individuals and their families through development of community awareness on the causes and consequences of hearing impairment, conduct of training amongst health care providers, teachers, volunteers for the early detection of hearing impairment and basic ear care, and provision of, within its capacity, hearing devices to indigents.

Ever since its inception in 1999, BHPI has been doing its part in helping the hearing impaired community. Though, due to some difficulties in sourcing funds and the volunteer support staff, BHPI have ceased its operation temporarily until April 2002. Rising up from its set back and in further pursuit of BHPI’s goals, the organization has rolled out its plans for the future. But BHPI couldn’t do it by itself, it is for this reason that the organization is continuously seeking partner agencies that will ensure the creation of a BETTER HEARING PHILIPPINES.


Better Hearing for All in 2024


Ensure affordable, accessible, available, and quality services for the prevention of hearing impairment and rehabilitation of hearing disability.

  1. Research and Information System

To implement community-based and clinical research, in conformity with international standards, uplifting the plight of Filipino hearing impaired by developing innovative Prevention, Control, and Rehabilitation Programs.

  1. Capability Building

To provide relevant and comprehensive training modules for Primary Health Care providers in response to ear and hearing health care needs of the community.

  1. Service Delivery

To provide quality medical and audiological care for indigent hearing impaired clients.


Reduce by 50%, the preventable causes of hearing impairment by 2010.


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